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First Sarracenias!!!


"Oh, now he's a philosophizer"
I am really excited. I am not a noob at carnivorous plants, but so far I have only had tropical varieties. Well, since my wife and I are buying our first house I can now get temperate varieties! We close on 10/23, but I felt it was appropriate to buy some Sarracenias prior to buying furniture :-D

So, here they are. I have one Sarracenia leucopyhlla 'Tarnok' and one Sarracenia readii x moorei 'Big Red'

Thanks to Andy at flytrapshop.com! I measured both and they are over a foot tall. Not too shabby for my first North American pitcher plants. I planted them in a peat/perlite mix and have the lower portion of the rhizome buried but the growth points are above soil.

Very nice. :) Andy has really nice Sarracenias.
Those are Nice! I have only 2 S.purpurea right now. I have a couple taller ones on the way. CONGRATS on the House. I bought mine 2 years ago. have fun filling up the property with Plants!!
Hey! You said you were "finally in a the position where I can give them full sun" nothing about a new house! CONGRATS!! Looks like the plants made the trip pretty well- like I said, most of those pitchers are from spring (READ: February) and some fall growth is just starting, hopefully they keep up that fall growth for you if it is not too cold there.
hooray for u! Those look like some really nice sarrs, very nice!
Yeah, we are pretty excited! Perfect time to get in on one with the tax credit and rock bottom interest rates. Hopefully they will continue the fall growth. I live in San Antonio and we'll be in the 80s for awhile.
Dang! I should have made my order with Andy much bigger! ;) :D

Great plants, keep us updated!
wow :0o:

Those sure are pretty.
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Geez, maybe I should have gotten that S. flava with my N. x ventrata after all haha. Very nice. Unlike you, I have only grown temperate plants until now.