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Hello Friends,

Well, after finally getting my new greenhouse complete, I have more free time to post to the Forums... ;)

Recently, Peter Houtkamp came to visit from The Netherlands to see some native CP 'in situ'. Despite the hot temperatures (103F heat index), there were still some nice plants to be found. So I took him to one of my favorite local bogs.

Some of the Pinguicula we saw were healthy and nearly as big as your hand! Although they were not in flower, the two species present grow in separate colonies far from each other. Usually, Pinguicula lutea tends to have wider leaves than Pinguicula caerulea. Also, P. caerulea tends to be a bit paler in color as well, in my experience;



Although the Exyra moths had been quite busy, there were still some nice Sarracenia minor to be found;


Here's a nice flowering colony of Rhexia mariana also known as Meadow Beauties, a lovely CP companion plant here in Florida.


And finally... two thirsty, hot and tired CP enthusiasts. Peter is to the left. :)


Happy Growing,

Such treasures in my backyard! Awesome!
Thanks for sharing!
Odd question: Are those pine needles in the natural mix?
thanks for sharing!
I love habitat photos like this, thank you very much for sharing them! I especially like the Pinguicula caerulea shots...HUGE!!!
Please tell Peter I send my regards
Hey TD,

Thanks! Glad you like them...:grin:

Yes, there were some monsters out there and they really start looking good once things cool off a little.


There are usually pine needles present, but they typically are on the surface of the soil only, for the most part. I think they help to keep the leaves drier to some extent...substrate 'in situ' is very sandy, 50% peat 50% sand approximately, but I tend to grow them in 75% sand 25% peat with great success :)

Happy Growing,

Florida is where it's at, yo. Very nice.

I use to have some Meadow Beauties, but they dried out, I think. :<