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Flower devolopment question

One of the plants I got this spring from a "drought sale" has put up a flower bud. If it opens it will be my first ever Sarracenia flower.
It has cleared the rhizome (growth point?) but now it's just sitting there.
I have only had the thing 3 weeks or so, but I get worried easily.
After you kill as many plants as I have you tend to get a bit gun shy.
How long, on average, should it take for the stalk to grow and the bud develop to the point of opening?
I have no idea what variety this is, it was a grab bag type sale.
Go ahead, call me worry-wart.
The plant may have aborted the flower due to shipping shock.
If it's been like that for a 3 weeks, it most likely aborted the flower. :/ Sarracenia flowers are really beautiful in person.
Yeah, that's what I figured.
Guess I'll have to wait another year for flowers. :(
Do not count it out just yet. I have had plants hold their blooms down for a while before they suddenly shoot up. Not going to swear this will happen with yours but as long as it is still healthy and green then there is a chance it will still open for you.