Flower stalk

my new plant is growing well,but there was a flower stalk on it when i bought it,its only a very small plant at the moment max 3 inch circular traps are about 1/2 inch biggest,but it has a stalk sticking up about 1 1/2 inches ,the flower has been chopped of previously.
my question should i chop it right down or just leave it as it is.
cheers again paul.


Staff member
Since this plant is new, and probably still in some shock from the move. I would chop the flower stalk off so the plant can conserver energy. Most people recomend chopping the flowers off even the most healthy of plants unless you want to get seeds.
Hmm, until you answered Schloaty, I thought he was saying that the flower was already cut off and he wanted to know if he should cut down the rest of the stalk or leave it. Now i'm confused.

If it is just a stalk and the flowers already clipped, I don't see why you couldn't leave it if it's green.
the flower part has been chopped off but there is a large stalk sticking up ,doing nothing just looks odd.
so chop it or leave it,cheers paul.