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Jan 25, 2011
Plantropia N.Y.
Up for trade is a mature division of H minor Akopan. I have a few of these in flower, so I thought I would see whats out there.

I am currently looking for and fielding offers for:
-Other heliamphora, especially nutans giant
-a larger size Nepenthes robcantleyi to go along with my little seedlings. (willing to add on for the right plant)
-larger size veitchii K
-N. lowii
-N. lowii x veitchii
-perhaps a N. jamban
-Drosera gigantea tubers or potted plants just breaking dormancy
-petiolaris drosera also gets a nod. Have a tank set up, just no plants for it yet. :(

If you have something you would like to offer, please just let me know.

Shipping- You have your choice of 2 options on shipping. With or without the flower scapes.
If I ship with the flowers. I will be packing the plant within a 2 liter bottle for a protective cap. The flowers will be carefully wrapped and at the mercy of packing peanuts. 72 hour Heat pack provided.

Without the flowers, I can ship the plant within a styrofoam shipping cooler for excellent weather resistance. Again, all your preference. The flower scapes are way past their prime so the plant will not suffer from cutting them. They still look very nice though!



Thank you for looking.
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