I measured my flower stalk and it's about 6 7/8". I bought this plant last spring. I think I forced it to hibernate last November. It never lost all it's leaves. Now I put it in the sun all day and remove it from the window at night to try to keep it warmer. I think it is definately stunted. It had large traps all last year. Now it looks tiny. One trap opened and I am looking for something small enough to feed it something. Mayhaps a fruit fly. If it will eat. This is my second VFT in 3yrs. I lost the first one due to improper storage or fungus. If it dies, I will try again.
don't wory about feeding it. Just clip the staulk and take good care of it. It will get big traps again eventually.
Clipped stalk after my last post. Now it has two large traps ready to open. All is well. Thanks for the support.  Czar