It's just the type and intensity of light they are getting, I've seen lots of purple ones, mostly in Cali. I thought this thread was about biggest traps, I have some green dragons breaking 2 inches and still growing. The "teeth" are 3/4 of an inch long at least!
Many people have claimed to have witnessed 3" traps. This sounds incredible, but enough people have mentioned this that I don't doubt a vft of this size exists
At the moment i have 3 venus fly traps, two of which are young and one that is growing 4cm traps.


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I've seen one of the giants before, those have awesome large traps, I was just kinda shocked that my greendragon took off like that. the previous generation of traps as I call them, are not even a full inch, the new ones coming out are just getting enormous! It's really cool. I'm tellin you guys, go buy your plants small crickets from the pet store and feed every open trap.
Flint, is that how they get bigger traps? Food? I like to feed mine sew/potatoe bugs... They're slow enough that they wont buzz off... They are hard enough that they can still locomote inside the trap, but it's underside is tender, so it can digest nice...
i fed a couple of my vfts a bunch of maggots i got from a bait store, and they're growing like crazy! they're kind of squirmy, but if you poke a pin through them they slow down and don't wiggle out of the traps.
I've got a picture of a South West Giant. It's the same one as on Noah's site but he's cut off the ruler that's beside it on my photo. I'll e-mail you it if you want. I got one about 3 weeks ago and it's sent up 3 largish spring traps which haven't opened yet though.