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Give Away Free Drosera Capensis seeds and ceph leaf(s)!

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I've got some drosera capensis seeds to give away, I've gotten some things here on giveaway aswell so figured I would do one, and I will also throw in 1 or 2 ceph leaf pullings that I will take that day.. I've had amazing success with this ceph via leaf pullings and Incredible germination with the capensis seeds.. I will send them in a regular envelope, first come first serve I should have enough for 2 possibly 3 people.. P.S I have never sent seeds before or mailed any type of plant so please pm me if you have a good suggestion for how to mail the ceph leafs..
Interested III.

You also might want to put a layer of paper towel(something along those lines)or two.
I would be very interested! I usually use envelopes that are lined with bubble wrap for seeds. I haven't sent leaf pullings through the mail before but a small pill bottle or something similar would probably work well. Postal service uses a lot of machines to sort mail that could smash leaf pullings.
Ok thats 4 ppl i cant do more than 4 so please pm me whoever posted here and wants them and also give me a little bit of time to work this out( like a week at most) also p.s I should have specified this but honestly didn't think about it till now, but if anyone wants they're seeds and leaf pulling(s) in a trackable padded envelope if u can plz send me the money to pay for it once it's time again I should have been more clear but have received nepenthes seeds in a regular envelope before and they were fine, please and thank you and please pm me me with you're information so that I can mark you all down and figure out how to close this thread then.
Hello everyone I was going to mail out yesterday but luckily remembered about labor day weekend.. I will get it done Friday or Saturday as ive had some unfortunate events (the passing of someone) so you will all receive what I promised I've just been on an emotional roller-coaster, my apologies to everyone for the delay please reach out to me via message if there are any issues ect.. thank you!!!
My sympathies for your loss, Gregbey. Sadly, such times come to all of us.
My sympathies for your loss, Gregbey. Sadly, such times come to all of us.
Thank you it was a dear friend who was only 34, but this isn't the place for that, however I did go crazy and ordered 3 more helis that I'm going to try to acclimate to a non humidity dome area, and a catopsis berteroniana just cause lol can't go wrong with $15 dollar helis..
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That sounds like an excellent way to beat the blues. (y)
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Sadly, as @Gregbey said in the 6th post on this thread, he can’t do more than 4 people.
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Hey all lemme see what I have to work with so i can get people's stuff out on Monday I should definitely have enough seed for more than 4 people if people just want capensis seeds but I will see about possibly more than 4 people for leaf pullings since I don't wanna go crazy on my cephs lol, but I do have quite a bit of capensis seeds lol, also the first people that commented and messaged will all get the leaf pullings, again I apologize for the insane delay but I had a very unfortunate personal incident which I posted about so my head was just not in the right place and still isn't but I'm taking care of this on Monday so it doesn't sit in the post office all weekend plus I don't got work Monday lol. Thank you all for your patience, and enjoy a terrarium that I test germinated some of the seeds in... 20220908_184937.jpg20220908_185022.jpg20220908_185033.jpg
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I'd call that a successful test!
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Hello please let me know about who received they're seeds/leaves.. u can let me know here or pm