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FREE: Drosera capensis {Typical & Albino} Stem Cuttings

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I have Drosera capensis {Typical & Albino} flower stem cuttings for free!
Grow dozens of plantlets yourself (this will give you a LOT of plants!). Stems will be precut. Just send a SASE.

The albino flower stem was stunted so there will be less cuttings of that type.

If it is mad cold or hot where you are, do not request plants at this time.

Post up and PM me if you want them! Fist to claim, gets them.
Wow, you can grow plantlets from the flower stem cuttings? Do you put it in perlite? Sorry for the beginner question, but I am very new to this carnivorous plant world.
I'm not sure about D. capensis, but binata flower stalks form plantlets for me when immersed in water. The stalks just rotted when I put them on peat/perlite.
You can place them in water but I've never done it. I've used soggy peat. Just laid them flat and covered the cut ends. Check out the website GrowSundews for some great info.

For discussion, let's leave this thread, and open up a new one (in the Sundew section) or just PM each other. :D
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Are you talking about making a clone? As in when you make a leaf cutting and put it in water and it grows roots that you transplant to soggy sphagnum moss and it grows the plant.

I picked up some cheap borosilicate glass test tubes off ... I fill them with distilled water, make the cutting while holding with tweezer than put the cutting straight into the test tube and seal it. I'll tip the tube a couple times to suspend the cutting. I put it under 4 T5HO lamps and it grows roots in about 1.5-2 months (?), then I transplant the cutting to wet sphagnum. They eventually grow into plantlets. You get clones of the parent so you have a good idea of how it'll look as well. I've grown 2 binata multifada extrema and am currently growing a nidiformis.

It doesn't take up much shelf space either.
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