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Hi folks,

Up for trade are two Black Wattle or Acacia melanoxylon plants, grown from seed provided by Randy Story. They're displayed above but will be bare-rooted for shipment. These are botanically quite interesting because they produce wonderful feathery leaves like a Mimosa as well as phyllodes. The wood is super useful for furniture and a lot of other applications. The reason I hoped to collect this species is for the neat elaiosomes (food bodies for ants) produced on the seeds. Quite wormy in appearance.

An interesting feature we discovered yesterday, when repotting the compot, is that the roots have a POWERFUL sulfury garlic smell. It apparently doesn't offgas until repotted, and the scent dissipates when the roots are washed with water. Great for pranks!

What I'm hoping for in return are Sarracenia seedlings/divisions. Preferably S. minor, minor var. okefenokeensis, S. x excellens, S. x harperi, or location-data species. Open to other things as well--both plants will go to one individual trading buddy just to save time.

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