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Jul 12, 2002
hey I was just wonderin the best way to help my vft go I just purchased one and am starting out so any tips would be very helpful
Jun 20, 2002
keep it watered if you keep a tray _below_ the pot, not some kind of big pot around your vft pot, just a low saucer at the bottom, you cant overwater your vft, loves water, give it lots of sun, and dont worry about scorching it , it grows at a much more southern latitute, dont feed traps as soon as they open, this will make them die after their first meal, and they can get 4-5 per trap, let it grow and get wet inside, (not water) its a nectar it has when it will be fully ready to digest prey, alwayz make it 1-3 or less of the traps, so they can properly close, this might mean getting fruit flys.... but its the best bet, if any traps are black cut them off but not the leaf, it can still photosynthesis doesnt need a terrarium as it doesnt need special humidity needs, grows great on a southern window sill in canada, oh and where exactly are you
dont need dormancy till november so ask then