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Give Away Giveaway - D. allantostigma gemmae


Lotsa blue
I recently realized that this species is kind of rare both in the wild and in the growing community. I've got a quantity of these pygmy sundew gemmae and while I have plenty of plants I can't bring myself to just toss the gemmae in order to clear off my plants for new growth. Therefore, a giveaway is in order and this time it is open to anyone who is registered with Terra Forums. If you are interested, put your name below and I will take them in the order in which they are written until I have sent off all that I have. I don't know how many packets of gemmae I will send out overall but they need to go soon so please be ready to send me your mailing address.
I will see if I have enough to send to all of you signed up above, going from first to last in the case of having too few gemmae. Please send me your mailing address by pm and I will let you know if/when when they go out. Thanks for your interest.

This offer is now closed.