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grand theft  fish

Dec 16, 2002
Northern Maryland
in school i have been telling the school about the problems they are goin to and the problems they are having in the fish tank. last week i was chosen to take part in cleaning a fish tank 55gal and re plenishg so i wanted to see what i have to work with, i lift out the filter cartriges and to my surprise i find non of them have been cleaned in 2 years and i had to clean it lol it sux but i am willing to take the fish that are being kept in it no and put them in my fish tank at home so i catch them and put them in this bucket of some sort.. here in maryland if you dont know its around 25-30 derees so in order to take them home to get on the bus i put them under my sweat shirt and get on the bus i take them out and every one around me is saying youve got fish on the bus and Wow did you steal those? of course i say no and all of thats bull but as we are pulling out of the school sombody tells my redneck bus driver "penny" that i stole the aquarium fish so we pull back into the school and she gets the vice principal over and she tells the vp that im stealing, lieing, sneeking things on the bus that i shouldnt have ........ but you know what the bad thing is is that i am goin to to probabally get an out of school suspention for grand thef fish there were many teachers that told me to take them home with me and care for them until we get the right set up hich by the way we're doing tomorow... so as i was getting of the bus i asked the bus driver "would you like to give me a cavity search to see if i am sneeking any think off the bus" so who realy had the last laugh and i get to keep some of the fishes that i brought home and You think youre haveing a bad day just think of grand theft fish!!!! have you had any thing worse post here
Sep 24, 2002
Central Coast of California
ok, here is one of the most embarressing things that happened to me:

I'm in this wal-mart, and when we're checking out, i see this duck fly into the garden center, so i pointed it to my mom, and said, "look, a duck!" and 5 people looked at me and gasped... there was a dutch lady in the garden center, and they thought i pointed at her... so everyone is all scowling, and no one saw the duck, just me... i got grounded for 3 days because of it

not sure what this has to do with stealing, but it was a misunderstanding like yours was