Not Growing Up!
Like me, this list is old & outdated!

Have List: (Not updated nor up to date!)

Nepenthes Hybrid (Unidentified) about 18 years old!

(I had sent pics and samples to a few suppliers/friends, who said it looked to be an old Victorian type hybrid and suggested a possible parentage...
I tried having it identified long ago, and this is what folks came up with:
Parents possibly N.Ventrata or N.Thorelli... or it might be a hybrid Edinensis x Ventrata by Leo Song (Andrew Marshall).
Bruce Lee Bednar thought it to be N.Mixta Var. Sanguinea x Williamsii from Longwood, or N.Chelsonii x Mixta Superba by Song.
Clyde Bramblett thought it to be Chelsonii x Irregulata from John D. Kanal, Longwood. (Shown)


N. Bicalcarata (A Youngin')! I can't get used to this tissue cultured thing!
We used to do cuttings in my time, and had mature plants faster.
But then, I now CAN get many plants never before available!

Dews..... common stuff/uncommon stuff (I can never keep good track of what I have in dews!)
Tags seem to always fade or disappear for some reason!

VFT... (Common)
Big Mouth

Cephalotus Hummer's Giant & Commons

Bladderwort (Aquatic: not sure what variety. Seasonal.)

Non-Carnivorous Plants:
Passion Vines, Misc plants.... :) etc.

Want List (*prefer)

Pings: "pink & white" leafed looking ones

Sarr's: Wilkerson's Red / Leah Wilkerson? /Adrian Slack
Big Red/Royal Ruby, Bordeaux Red Wine' leucophylla x rubra gulfensis
S. flava var. cuprea - yellow trumpet

S. Flava -Yellow (Or any Sarr. Variety w/color or veining, Deep Red...)
Flava shape (Alata)
flava rubricorpora, 'Hurricane Creek White',
moorei, "Pensacola", 'Royal Ruby' / “Big Red”



N.Vikings [Globosa],
Couple of Amp's. [red w/green lip (red giant?)or green w/red lip (a type of Hot Lips)?
N. Queen of Hearts
N. Veitchii
N. Villosa/Macro's/Hamata's, etc.
(And N. Edwardsiana too...Not that I could find/afford one! This is a want list after all!)

Low Giant, S.W.Giant (any of the giant trap varieties).

Should I post a R.I.P./Kill list? Perhaps not! Tends to get long after 40+ years of growing!
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