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Hello TerraForums,

Well after loosing all my plants in 2009 after having a heart attack and ending up staying in the hospital for 6 months I was to upset/depressed about loosing my rather extensive collection of Neps and Cephs to to try and start all over again at that time. Well not I'm healthy again and in the position to get a large green house again so eventually thats what my 1 year goal is. This time though I'll automate everything so that it can for at least a period of time take care of itself.

Currently though I just have a small grow chamber in my house. I've only started acquiring plants in the last month or so, so my grow list is small. However the very first plant I got was a rather nice N. xBriggsiana var Peter D'amato already producing intermediate pitchers. Along with that I also managed to get 2 N. robcantleyi, 2 N. attenbouroghii, N. jacquelineae. I have a few other plants I'm waiting on, so I'm pretty excited getting back to growing. Hopefully while those hang out in my grow chamber they can put on some size while I plan out the details on the greenhouse I'd like to get. Not sure which brand yet so I'll be making a thread in the GH forum soon.

Great to see that there are familiar members I remember still here.

Welcome back to the hobby. You sure chose a nice bunch of HL plants for someone who loves LL'ers !
Yeah This go around I decided to focus on the more unusual HL'er plants. Before I did mostly have LL. I plan on having a bunch of LL's as well but I won't be getting any until the GH is set up. I plan on having perhaps a partition in the GH so I have a side for LL and a side for LL. Still haven't worked out the details but I think thats the direction I'll be taking. I also chose HL's to start off with since some seem to be a bit slower growing insuring they won't out grow my chamber while the GH gets situated.

thanks for the warm welcome,
Welcome to TF! I remember you... barely...
impressive that you barely remember I didn't expect anyone to actually remember even barely, I half debated just making a new account but when I saw my old one still worked I decided against it.

When I get this chance I'll post a picture thread. I don't have many plants but the ones I have so far I'm really excited about.
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Welcome back! Nice to hear that you are back in the hobby and well again.
Welcome back from another "re-starter"!