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H. heterodoxa is flowering!

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Checked on the plants this morning and discovered that my H. heterodoxa gran Sabana is flowering! This is a first for me! I have had the plant for about a year now and it has grown from a wee pup of a plant to a full grown beauty!

Anyone have any pollen to share?

H. heterodoxa by Michaela Waltz, on Flickr
Very well grown mike :)

and congrats for your first flower !
It's Michaela, and thank you! I was very excited! And I have some pollen on its way for that first flower!

Very well grown mike :)

and congrats for your first flower !
Your heliamphora certainly do look nice. Would you be ok sharing some of the details of how you grow them so well?
I am growing mine in my basement in Minnesota. In the summer the temperature rarely goes above 80 and in the winter in the mid to low 60s. They are in an ebb and flow tray that I have flood several times a day. I bring the water right up to the top of the soil and then let it drain. My lighting is made up of a grid of LED laps that are used in the sign industry. I think they are 7800k units, but don't remember for sure. There are 100 of these little lights that each have 2 bulbs. I will try and take some pictures of the setup soon.