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Hardy Water Lily Giveaway


BS Bulldozer
I'm in the middle of a massive pond cleanup on a severely neglected pond. There are far more water lilies than this pond and our nursery can handle. These are white flowered, some tinged with pink, sorry no picking. I'll give a piece of rhizome at least 4" long to any participating member of the community who is willing to pay shipping on a small Priority box. ($6) Additionally you must be a US resident, and not reside in CA, WA, OR, MT, or WY, due to state regs. Thanks for looking!

BTW, this is a short term offer. You must sign up by 3 pm EST tomorrow, Thursday the 25 th.
Slight modification. The job is definitely running longer than anticipated, and the supply of lilies is endless. Anyone interested can contact me via pm, and I will fill any size Priority box to bulging that you're willing to pay freight on.
Ahrg! I wish i had the funds to spare this is deff something that would be fun to grow .. Do they do okay in fishtanks? Just wondering (i have some blue egyptian lillie seeds never tried sowing them cause i don't have a pond)
You would need to provide for a winter dormancy.
Offer closed.