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harvesting seed from Anthurium scandens berries

My Anthurium scandens is a neat epiphyte that flowers constantly with waxy purple spadix and thin white spathe after a month or so the inflorescences swell and begin to create clumps of large pearly berries. It seems to take a long time before the berries are ripened.

The first set of berries is finally ripe (the peduncle started to wither and the berries are very firm) and I've opened a couple berries to see minute white seeds. Most seed I've ever seen are black. However, the seed I received of Dracunculus vulgaris was white and also was another Aroid plant.

I've sown a few of those dug out white seeds in the sphagnum of a few nep pots but ony just recently-no signs of life yet. Are berries supposed to be buried intact with the seeds inside the "goo"? Do I need to let the cut off berry set dry before dissecting and getting the seeds?

Thanks for any thoughts!  
do you know if the berries are eaten by animals in the wild?
That is cool.I have a a.scandens in one of my dartfrog tanks that has been in there for about 1 year and I haven't noticed any flowers or anthing.It grows very well and the roots make the tank look cool.Mine I bought as a cutting from Black Jungle terrarium supply.
Mark W.
Hi Mark,

That's where I got mine from too (black jungle)! I have mine mounted in a "hydrolog" which is like a block of florist foam attached to a wire frame and covered in long fibered sphagnum moss. I must admit that I'm not very attendent to this plant, it rarely gets any fertilizer and only a good watering every couple weeks otherwise it just gets sprayed every few days when I spray all the plants. Seems to be just what this plant likes!
[b said:
Quote[/b] (machete @ Jan. 08 2004,07:55)]do you know if the berries are eaten by animals in the wild?
why, no machete, I am not aware of this.

Oh, ok, because I read somewhere that some seeds need to
be digested before they can germinate, I guess guano is a pretty good fertilizer also. Nice talking to you.
I didn't know about natural seed dispersal of A. scandens so I didn't say nuthin'. Hope you don't feel too slighted!

I have noticed just today that the test seeds I planted in my N. clipeata pot have sprouted roughly 3 weeks later. The clipeata grows in 50/50 LFS and orchid bark with a  bit of charcoal just to keep everything fresh. Since I haven't sown any in plain new soil yet, I don't know if there is a benefitial fungus in the nep pot which may have assisted germination or they are simply easily germinating seeds. I am NOT good with seeds (at least not any I've received through the mail) but perhaps freshness has something to do with viability. Everyone always claims to sell "fresh" seed...
im bad with seeds too