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Have you seen the chat box?


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So... I had the settings wrong for the majority of you which made it so you didn't see the chat box prior the final day of the auction. Instead you just saw a private conversations box... I found my error and fixed it on that day, but for those of you that didn't notice.... That private conversation is for the chatbox. I'm not sure I'll even keep it active since it is similar to the "conversations" option of the forum. Anyway, look at this image and you'll see how to toggle between the chatbox general chit-chat page (top left circle) where you'll see forum notifications and public messages to the whole board (as well as type your own). And the private conversation option of the chat box (circled on the right). Again, this option may be removed so I suggest moving any conversations to the main conversations feature of the forum. (very top right of the forum by your username, it looks like an envelope)
Please let me know if you have any questions or let me know if you were on the private conversations box and had no idea there was a public chat option!