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Hcarlton's Helis

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HC, those helis are looking good! So much growth in three months' time. I've recently decided to give this genus a shot... I can only hope mine looks half as good as yours in three months.

What are your temps? Do you feed/fertilize?

Temps vary depending on season. All my highland plants are moved at night to experience temps in the 50's, but daytime may be between 75 and 90 F. And I feed all pitcher plants with Maxsea.
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I'm very sorry for getting your thread derailed, a simple pm would have saved a lot of nonsense here.

Beautiful Heliamphora Hc! :D
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I think there's enough pitchers to equal 3 plants.....also, see that big, ripped pitcher at the top of the pic? Was the largest pitcher on the plant, and when it opened it...literally exploded.
H. heterodoxa x minor by hawken.carlton, on Flickr
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het x minor put up another even larger pitcher, and of course my luck it caught on something and exploded as well.... typical...

Meanwhile, H. nutans is doing very well. I discovered the hairs on the inside look golden in the right light...
H. nutans by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr
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For having such small immature pitchers ( stil barely an inch long), H. minor is moving pretty fast
H. minor by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr
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Very nice Hc, the nectar spoon looks H. nutan "giant"-ish to me
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Shape in summer is always a bit off though, as there's overall less light reaching them. However, no extra data came with the plant, so it could be.
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Great heli's mine got a bit burned so I'm hoping btw growth kicks in soon
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Flowering done, doubt I'll get seeds from the self-pollination but the plant still looks decent
H. nutans by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr
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Beautiful plants. Thanks for sharing.