Hello all!
I've had a couple different Utrics decide to send up flowers recently, so I decided to share:
First, a colony of U. livida "pale flower" (calling them that since the flowers are pure white) in a homemade "teacup" :D

And my U. sandersonii "Blue" is sending up a bunch of flower stalks, and this is the first open one. A lot of people seem to have problems flowering this guy, but for me, it regularly does so nearly every winter, and occasionally in the middle of summer.
Thanks for sharing! I've never seen pure white Utricularia livida flowers before. The color scheme makes me think of U. nephrophylla or alpina flowers.
I would have thought white livida flowers would be rather common, since even the typical forms are only a pale lavender and white normally..... I have another form that appears white, but he's in low light and is probably that lavender form under normal conditions.
I have a pot of livida that throws both white and pale lavender, they are mixed into one pot so variable conditions are not effecting this, also your livida leaves look very narrow, is this the angle or are they in very dim light, as my livida are in bright light year round and are rather heavy built.
This pot gets much brighter light than my other one, with direct sunlight at this time of year for a few hours. The leaves on both forms stay relatively thin, though, at least thinner than the sandersonii by comparison...
I took another shot of the sandersonii "Blue," since it's gone to what you could call "mass flowering" for this form, meaing more than just one or two at a time :)

You can't see all of them in this pic, but the plant currently has at least 5 flowers open, and around 6-7 separate stalks right now.
What are your conditions for the U. sandersonii blue?

I have been reading recently the same thing that blue is tough to flower, so it looks like I should mimic your growing conditions with my incoming blue plant.
Far as I know I'm not doing anything seriously special. However, it's in the same greenhouse that all of the Mexican butterworts and Australian winter growing plants are, so it gets major temperature swings from 90's F in summer to 40's-60's in winter, and it's nearly always kept waterlogged.
Sounds like the conditions I have in my tank, just without as many fluctuations in temperature. Unless it prefers those temperature swings, it sounds like I can keep mine good with just waterlogged soil.

Thanks, h!
It'll certainly grow fine in just about any condition. Mine is in about a 4" wide cup, and is 5 deep in stolons and leaves, with feelers going out every which way. I have nly had it flower like this a couple times before, though I feel I must note it happens usually late winter/early spring.
Ahh, so it is possible this year there won't be any flower pay-off, but it will make next late winter/early spring that much more fun to look forward to!

Here's to a lucky flower this early spring! :D
Shout out to Maiden: here's what the U. calcyfida have been doing for the past couple months:

Still have a bunch of seeds I have yet to plant too, and around 16-17 individual clones in this pot alone. If I plant the rest, I may have to start going wholesale on these guys....
Couple more shots from this week:
sandersonii "Blue" still flowering away

I think U. subulata is an underrated species. As long as it's kept in check, even a single flower is nice, and a mass flowering can take your breath away

U. dichotoma is still going too, but I think it may start slowing down soon.