I have to keep my flytraps in the basement away from my cats. Sometimes in the winter the temperature can fall to 69 degrees Far.

I use a twin 40 watt each flourescent fixture at a distance of about 10 to 12 inches from tops of plants.  I notice a small amount of heat esp. in ballast area.  Is this enough, or should I buy one of those expensive nursery heating pads for the winter.

Is it the rhyzome or bulb temperature that matters or overall ambient temperature (surrounding air) cause the heat pad will only warm the container.
p.s. the plants were bought from this site, so dormancy isn't required this year.
You will want to get your flytraps way colder than that. You must give them cool (35 to 45f , though in England, they get down to 18f sometimes with no ill effects) temps. Otherwise your plant will eventually weaken then die. Dormancy is beneficial every year!!
True for dormancy, but for whenever your plants aren't in dormancy, you may want to try to find a way to keep them a little warmer. I have 2 - 60 watt bulbs and 1 - 90 watt bulb. They are both florescent grow lights, and they do give off a little heat. My terrarium keeps about 5 degrees warmer than the rest of the room. Something like that may help. Some people have also suggested a heating pad under the tank, but I don't know how well that would work as I've never tried it.
I have a cat, a dog and 2 children, here's what I do: I have a 23 gallon glass aquarium tank, complete with lid. The lights are in the lid, and there is holes for air flow. I keep my whole setup on my entertainment center. The kids can't reach it and the cat can't get in it. Works well!
Thanks for the advice, guys. Since I don't want the plants
to go dormant this year; I will find an aquarium. This should
help both retain heat and humidity.

Oh, yea, I'll get a fish thermometer

I have both a humidity reader and a temp. reader in mine. Got them for a few bucks each from the same pet store I bought the tank from. You may be able to save money if you buy the tank without lid and custom make your own!