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Aug 8, 2012
Redding, California
My H. Nutans Giant was recently chewed over by a grasshopper, and now has become so stressed that two of it's growth points died (to be fair the grasshopper did serious damage).
I'm not really sure what to do for the plant at the moment, as I've never seen it so stressed out.
I've attached some photos, they're not very high quality, but hopefully they can help someone guage what I could do for the plant.

Growing environment:
In reflective enclosure,
medium to high humidity,
four T-5 white lights above (the plant usually looks very robust and colourful)
just flowered, and was stressed from that as well (had mature growth points putting out immature pitchers).

Images are here: Heliamphora Nutans giant - Album on Imgur
Jan 19, 2007
don't do anything different, well keep the grasshopper away...

I know you said it has good color and under good light, and maybe its just the pics but it looks sort of green and etiolated to me
It's normally a very colorful hybrid... yellows, oranges, reds

anyways, just give it time unless it continues to decline, I wouldn't worry otherwise.
Jan 19, 2007
Oh that pic looks much better :)

I believe it is.
It's thought to be a cross of H. glabra and H. nutans.
Once you've grown H. glabra it seems pretty obvious there is some close relationship somehow.

The color and nectar spoon are closer to glabra than nutans imho.

IMG_1074.jpg Photo by amphirion | Photobucket
Nectar spoon has that glabra "goosehead" influence.
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