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Heliamphora for first time growers?

Hi Everyone! Thanks for reading. I have a few questions about Heliamphora. I have been trying to read as much as I can find on them. I am wondering if you have suggestions on the best one to try for the first time?

I also have read that some can be grown on a windowsill, what is your experience with this?

What kind of setup do you grow yours in? What kind of lights do you use? Does anyone use LED grow lights? If you only want to start with one or two plants, what is a good option or terrarium? Do you use fans? Do you have to have moving water (like a Darlingtonia) or is that optional?

My last question that I just can't seem to wrap my head around is how do you control the temps?

Thank you in advance for your help!! :)
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H. minor, H. heterodoxa, and I've also been told H. sarracenioides (if you can find one) are good beginner species. They will tolerate lower humidity pretty well and just need lots of light and moderate amounts of water. I grow H. minor and H. heterodoxa on a table under a powerful LED light, though a windowsill should do just fine too. The main issue is that you don't want to let the plants get too hot. It's generally recommended to keep temperatures under 80F though there's some wiggle room. Plants can die quite suddenly due to endosymbiotic microorganisms taking over due to heat stress.
I'd recommend heterodoxa x minor for a first time heli grower, IMO, it's probably the most tolerant heli out there (it's also easy to find and relatively cheap as well). I grew mine a few inches from some T-12 tubes with no humidity control and it did great, though it was a slow grower. Cooler temps are still a must, it would sulk if temps went above 80 degrees and I eventually lost the plant to rot during an extended hot spell a couple summers ago.
As others have said, I'd go with heterodoxa, minor, nutans, or any hybrid between those three.
Almost all of the natural or horticultural hybrids are suitable for novices . . .
I only grow two heliamphora and because of space restrictions I'm growing the two smallest species. Both are doing well enough for me , far better than I expected open to my house environment and under fluorescent light, both flowering and increasing in size pretty quickly, I grow h. Minor and h . Pulchella in humidity as low as mid thirties but averaging around fifty, I maybe just lucky but that would be a first
I grow three types of helis, one minor, a heterodoxa x minor, and a "Tequila". All three grow well under lights in about 50% humidity but the "Tequila" does the best.
I would suggest Tequila or Nutan's giant
Both are easy growers and can have amazing looks.
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