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Heliamphora help and advice

Aug 4, 2021
Hi guys, I am new to growing heliamphora and I would appreciate some help. I recently got some tissue culture H. nutans and H. heterodoxa x minor. 1 week after planting out I found many of them are yellowing or browning, I keep them in the closed domes under bright artificial light (the light is very strong but its kept 1.5 meter above the plants, which gives the nepenthes next to those heliamphora some red tan), with day temperature around 20-24 Celsius, night 14-17c Celsius. I use 1:1 sphagnum and perlite. Not sure if I did something wrong or is yellowing/browing/losing traps normal during the deflask process?

Please share your deflask methods if possible. :) Thanks


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