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Hello, Fresh addict here. need help building a bog garden.

Mar 30, 2022
This all started only a few short weeks ago while building a wet woodland native orchid garden in zone 7b. I ran into a spot that was low, boggy and acidic. I immediately thought of north American pitcher plants to fit the bill. After buying a few I realized that spot only gets about 3 hours of direct sunlight. From what I read this will slowly kill my new pitcher plants. So instead of planting these in the north facing garden I have decided to make a bog container garden. I have a pretty epic self watering garden that I got for free and I would love to use.
I have perlite, coir, peat moss, vermiculite, and soil moist on hand. I can get long haired moss and sand if needed.
I was thinking a solid 2 inches of perlite on the false bottom then a 50/50 mix of peat moss and coir to fill it up. Is there any reason to go all the way to the top? or is 12'' of substrate above the false bottom seem okay? I have seen sand recommend to add to the peatmoss but this container will weigh over 100 pounds if i go mixing in sand at a decent ratio.
I sharpened up my rabbit teeth and chewed through the bottom. siliconed a taller stand pipe in there.
nice to meet you all. i would love to hear comments or feedback.

A list of the plants selected/ in possession of:
Sarracenia x Red Apache Medium
Sarracenia x Yellow Jacket Large
Sarracenia x white"Juthatip Soper"
Viola lanceolata Bog Violet
Grass Pink Orchid Young
Nodding Lady Tresses Young
Rose Pogonia1


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Mar 30, 2022
Put in a solar powered pump at the bottom. Covered it up. Put a false bottom over the extended stand-pipe. Covered the whole thing in 2-3 inches of perlight that I washed in rainwater. The charcoal was just cause I had some extra. After this i filled it up with mixed coir/ peat/verm/sand . Flooded it with a mix of rain and distilled water. Popped in a tester pitcher plant. Still have to re organize the stick so the water flows to the ends and plant it up. Just waiting for the weather to warm up a lil bit.
I have collected many more species. Spatulate and round leaf sundews, Northern small cranberry and some fly traps for the wife. ( How can I say no?)
Thanks for all the input!


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