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Hello from Granada, Spain

Nov 9, 2021
Hi, my name is Daniel. I'm relatively new to carnivorous plants. I got my first one, a Dionaea, from my local nursery and she has already survived two winters!. Since then i've adquired some other carnivorous plants (and a whole bunch of "regular" plants): one Sarracenia leucophylla "royal red", an unidentified Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid, two nepenthes (x hookeriana and x ventricosa) and a Drossera binnata v.dichotoma.

You may be wondering "¿Why is a spaniard texting in an American forum?" and well, the answer is simple: I was searching online for some care tips for my plants and I just kind of stumbled into this forum. It looked nice and well, I decided to register. Well, I hope y'all are okay and thanks for having me!