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Hello from Ithaca, NY and to all who attended the ICPS/NECPS conference 2012

Hi my name is Ryan, it's nice to finally join Terraforums at last! Recently I met a few possible terraforum junkies at the NECPS conference in Mass., and I said that I would be looking forward to meeting up with them in this forum. I am an environmental science major at ESF in Syracuse, focusing on conservation of wetland species of plants, primarily native orchids and of course our beloved CPs. I work a lot with asymbiotic germination, and tissue culture of many of these wonderful and amazing plants. I look forward to meeting all of you and learning something from everyone.
Welcome to TF!!!
Welcome to TF!
Welcome to TerraForums :-D
Welcome to TF!
Hey! Welcome, great to see that you joined!
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Hey thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Nice to hear from you Heli, how are your heli's from the show doing? I have excised multiple stem lengths of the cephalotus inflorescence as well as the heli's, the cultures are in the dark now, I'll give them three weeks and then I will let you know how they have done. Peatmoss (Gabriel), nice to meet you as well.
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Doing well thanks. I have some pics of them in the heliamphora setup thread in my signature
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Welcome to the forum! I think we met, I'm Ben.
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Hey Ben, refresh my memory it takes me a few times to match faces with names. Thanks for the warm welcome Ben stay in touch.
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I was wondering when you were going to join. Very good to hear those inflorescences took in TC.
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sounds like you have an interesting background,welcome
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ahh you had just the drive i did. lol might have passed each other on the way to the meet. p.s it was the mega super ultra conglomeration of the NECPS and the ICPS it was the meets of all meets this year for the Carnivorous Plant world... us attendees should find ourselves lucky to have been able to attended such a extravaganza such as this.
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Welcome to TF, I too am from NY and have a degree in Fish and Wildlife Managment from Paul Smiths College. If you ever find yourself in the Adirondacks (saranac Lake) area let me know i would be more than welcome to show you around the local CP spots. We have dews sars and utrics by the thousands.
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welcome to TF!
I was at the ICPS conference too, but I'm not sure if I remember seeing you...so many plants, in only three days.
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Yay Ithaca!
one of my favorite places of all time..
(im from Waverly NY, half an hour south of Ithaca)
always wanted to live there..hasn't happened yet! but you never know..
im always checking out the job postings for Cornell..

welcome to the forum! :)