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Hello from Louisville, Kentucky!

Hi! My name is Caleb and I am from Louisville, KY USA. I grow nepenthes. Right now i only have N. 'Ventrata', N. Spectabilis, and N. Jamban.

As for my current status, i have about 8 or so succesful ventrata cuttings. 2 living in the window, the other 6 in my terrarium. I have 3 mature Ventratas, but they are cut back to just their smallest basals. My Spectabilis is a BE Clone.

My biggest problem right now is nighttime temperature and lighting. Any suggestions on those for a 30"L x 12"W x 18"H tank would be appreciated. Window AC, Mini Fridge, and Aquarium Chillers are not an option.

Cant wait to get to know you fellow growers better!

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What temperatures are you currently experiencing? I stay away from those requiring cold temps, but I don't think any of those you list require super cold temperatures. Maybe 50s at night and 70s for day which shouldn't be too hard, even with just frozen bottles and some monitoring?
I have a peltier right now. I am getting 66-67 at 73 ambient.

I have an idea for something that hasnt been done before as far as im aware of. My tank has 2-3 inches of water on the bottom. The plants are held above the water level by aquarium divider and upsidedown pots. I will put a 5 gallon bucket beside the tank. I will put two shelves inside the bucket, the bottom one being the same aquarium divider. The top one being a thin slab of treated wood, with a 120 or 140mm computer fan forcing air downwards. At the bottom, I will put a spigot. More on why later. I will drill a hole for a pvc pipe about 1 inch from the bottom of both the tank and the bucket. I will run the pvc through the water in the bottom of the tank through to the other side, then make a turn upwards and continue until I clear the aquarium divider. I will drill two more holes about 1 inch from the top of both the tank and the bucket for 1 more liking return pvc at the top above where the fan is in the bucket. The bucket will be sealed with a lid. The fan will be controlled by a temperature controller at night. Ice will be put on top of the aquarium divider shelf in the bucket, which will chill the surrounding air. The fan blowing down will force that cold out the pvc at the bottom, through the water in the tank and into the air. Because the return is above the fan in the bucket, it will pull the cool air back across the terrarium, cooling it evenly. The spigot at the bottom of the bucket is aimply to easily remove excess melted ice. Do you think this method would work? I would probably still use the peltier as well.