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Hello from Milwaukee, WI


Hello from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USDA Zone 5B

My name is Mike and I'm returning to my love of growing C.P. after too many years of letting life get in the way. I've been growing for a year now after not growing for about 15 years. My favorites are the subtropical Drosera.

I'm rebuilding my collection from seed, except for two "Dome of Death" rescues. I have a few mature plants but most species are seedlings or seeds. I started a few species in February of 2015 and they are mature or close to it. I started many more species this February and they are just now germinating or stratifying. I'm writing up my growlist/wishlist and will post it shortly.

I germinate seeds in test tubes of distilled water. Upon sprouting, I plant them in pots with (mostly) 1:1 peat and silica sand. I grow indoors in uncovered aquariums under a mix of fluorescent and LED lighting controlled by an astronomical timer set for sunrise to sunset. I water them using the tray system with distilled water. I feed them twice a month with dried bloodworms. In May, I will move them outdoors and let them catch their own prey.

I'm an I.C.P.S. member. I first joined in 1997. I'm a great fan of their seedbank. Most of my seeds came from it.

I'm looking forward to being a member in this forum and meeting any nearby growers. I hope to learn a lot from you. Thank you for reading this. Good growing to all.
Welcome to the forum.
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