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Hello from north Florida

Hi, I've been interested in North American carnivorous plants for some time, but worried I would kill them. And I did kill the first Sarracenia species I purchased because 1, I put them in my greenhouse in a shady spot, and 2, I watered using my well water. I tried again, this time I put them outside the green house and used rainwater. They were doing well when my horses discovered they were delicious and consumed the entire plants. Happily, my third attempt has gone well. I fenced off an area for them, and after success with a few Sarracenia species, I've added Drosera tracyi, Pinguicula primuliflora and P. planifolia, Utricularia floridana, U. inflata, and U. purpurea, and non-carnivorous bog plants (Viola lanceolata and a few orchid spp.) to my collection. They make me very happy.
Sounds awesome. I know I get energy just by staring at my plants so I know the feeling. Welcome!
non-carnivorous bog plants . . . a few orchid spp.
Welcome to the forum!
I used to live in North FL. I remember seeing wild pitcher plants out there. Wish I had paid more attention and figured out what species they were.
What orchids are you keeping?