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Jun 7, 2016
Traverse City, MI
Hi everyone!

I'm from the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan, been growing CPs for about 1 year now and totally addicted.

I've been reading a lot online & in books. I've been primarily active on the reddit page r/SavageGarden learning, sharing pictures, and making some exchanges. I'm trying to branch out a bit more in my collection with an emphasis on locally relevant/cold hardy plants. Currently I have a mix of temperate and sub/tropical plants, not all of which are identified. I have a particular interest in drosera and pinguicula.

VFT: Generic garden store pot + ?King Henry seedlings (popped up in a pot of moss which came with other plants I bought, same tray as she was growing a bunch of other King Henry...)

Sarr: pisttacina & purpurea spp venosa (looking for subsp purpurea for more cold tolerance)

Drosera: tokaiensis (i believe), capensis seedlings, graomogolensis. Adelae plant + leaf cuttings of aliciae, anglica, and rotundifolia coming from subreddit member for more variety and cold tolerant species

Nepenthes: ventrata (i believe) + 1 juvenile unknown that is growing pitchers now >1" in size. Will hope for ID soon when pitchers mature.

Pinguicula: 5 unknown varieties, 1 is maybe P gigantea x moctezumae? Looking for cold hardy pings as well, I know P. vulgaris grows in northern climates including michigan, but having a hard time finding where to get it other than Canada (international purchasing barriers, not impossible) or hunting for wild seed (habitat concerns).

Sphagnum moss, green and red, michigan native

Nice to meet you all!


carnivorous plants of the world -- unite!
Nov 17, 2011
Greetings and salutations, Rabna. :wave:

So how far up there are you? My folks live in TC.