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Hello from noth central Alabama

Hello my name is Jamey and this is my first Veitchii. N. Veitchii BE-4033 this clone seems to be developing the bright golden Yellow Peristome with stripes, some clones from this grex have the red that somewhat takes over much of the Yellow on the periatime as the pitcher ages, I wouldnt mind that but I do love the vivid Yellow that just gets more intense as it ages with contrasting reddish pink stripes. Either way I am happy with my purchse. I am really looking forward to investing in some seed grown smaller plants from different vendors and genetics. But wanted a Veitchii that would for sure be something I was happy with for starters. Now I can relax and enjoy the growing after all the endless hours of searching and researching. You know what Im talking about :) I bought my first Nepenthes (aristo x N. spec BE-3663) almost 3 years ago and have been learning how to care for nepenthes in general all this time and finally decided I was ready to spend the money for a Veitchii. I also have a grow closet built I am using for fig cuttings til spring then will finish setting it up for carnivorous plants . whatever grows in there has to be happy with the same invironment as my Veitchii cuz this is the main focus of the grow room, Veitchii growing and eventually breeding and cloning. Happy growing ....


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