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Hello From Ontario, Canada

Would just like to introuduce myself. I am an amatuer Nepenthes grower in Ontario, just started this year, still learning of course.
I have read this site as a lurker most of this year to learn tips a tricks and have been able to grow 3 terrible Nepenthes Ventrata I purchased with no pitchers, to flourishing, with 2 plants developing basil shoots!
So thank you, and I'm happy to be here.
Glad to hear of your success! I really like N. x ventrata, I've grown CPs for a while but only recently tried some Neps in the house. That's one of them. You can see the thread here: My house Nep (N. x ventrata)
Hi! Fellow Ontarian here that just joined yesterday. Wish I had room for Neps. Dabbled with a couple pings last year and then went overboard this year. Hope I don't kill them. Welcome to us both!