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Hello, CP Growers! I've been wanting to make an account time, but didn't have the time to.:-( But now I have.:-D I only grow highland nepenthes and some droseras though.
My Growlist:
Nepenthes Hamata
Nepethens Ampullaria
Nepenthes Attenboroughii
Nepenthes Truncata "Pasian"
Nepenthes DeRooses Alata
Drosera Multifiada "Extrema"
Drosera Capensis "Wide Leaf"

Yeah I know, it's pretty small but Im looking foward to the trades on this site! :banana2::banana2:

- - - Updated - - -

And btw they are grown in a 40 gallon terrarium under T-5 lights.
Welcome to TF!
Welcome :wave:

You live in a great place to grow those species. I'd love to see some pictures if possible.
Welcome to the Forum!
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