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Feb 19, 2016
Hello everyone, my name is Sara and I have been a grower of carnivorous plants for years.
I was born in a very small town in Connecticut and moved to SC in 1996 with my family.
I still live in Upstate SC with my husband of 12 years, our 3 children and a few pets.
We were best friends in high school and have been together ever since. We are self employed
and work out of our home as web designers/internet marketers. Besides a love of botany I have
a passion for clothing design, dabble in various sewing/other crafts, love animals, am an avid swimmer and pool player,
love the outdoor and nature, hiking, mining (panning gold is fun!), LOVE the BIG screen and various series such as
The Walking Dead-Weeds-Vikings-New Girl-Gold Rush-Wicked Tuna-Hells Kitchen-Project Runway-Orange is the
New Black-Breaking Bad-Ink Master...the list goes on so there are a few of my faves.
I recycle, eat red meat, love shrimp and crab legs, make an amazing Matzo ball soup and chicken and dumplings
just to name a few. I love my 3 children to bits and tell them that every day. My husband is and always has been
my best friend and he loves carnivorous plants as much as I do. I have been called the cat whisperer after
rehabbing numerous strays, a few of which went from scratching and hissing to lying in my arms purring and all
going to amazing new homes in the end ( I couldn't keep them all and only have 2 now). I paint, draw
and write...I guess I dabble in just about everything artistic. Glass mosaics, lol!

My favorite carnivorous plants would have to be Nepenthes, specifically N. Ampullaria.
I also love Cephalotus but have never had the pleasure of owning one myself. If anyone had one of
those for trade and would be willing to trade for an S. Minor division, that would be awesome.
For the longest time I have kept my collection small, limiting it to a fairly large outdoor bog
and a few nepenthes inside, but would now like to add to it. I currently have some nice divisions
of a mature S. Minor that has been growing in my outdoor bog for trade and since I am growing my
collection I am open to any/all trades as long as it isn't something already on my grow list (which I
will be completing shortly). I will also be making a formal trade post with pics.
Thank you for adding me to TerraForums! It will be nice to have conversations with people who know
that there are more carnivorous plants than just venus fly traps. I didn't know there was a forum and
trading for them so this should be fun to be a part of.
Looking forward to future conversations/trades!
Nov 9, 2010
Athens, GA
Hi Sara--
It's great to have you on board, and we welcome you to the community. You seem like a very nice person! My wife and I are also serial watchers of the Walking Dead as well as Orange is the New Black.

Many of us here find solace in this community of like-minded folks. In certain parts of the country, CPs are almost unheard of! I'm sure you will also find how fun trading and enlarging your collection is!

Mar 2, 2016
Hey, Sara. It feels like we're neighbors. I'm also from upstate SC. I watch a lot of the shows you do, especially The Walking Dead (glad I don't live in a Ricktatorship ). I've got a cat, too, but just the one. He's mean enough for several and frequently beats the dogs for no reason.