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Mar 27, 2011
Hi everyone. :)
I'm Sarah. I've recently been bitten by the plant bug when I rescued an orchid from Wal-Mart...which led to another...and another...and another, luckily though they stopped selling them on sale. After that I went through a phase where I rescued plants and would go through the sale section and pick the worst ones that looked like they were still savable. Luckily I have run out of pots. Now I'm moving to the CPs. You see I have a 10gal aquarium that I was growing a potato plant in but it got moved outside and my small garden sits on top of and around it so I can't get rid of it...might as well put something in it. :grin: I've always been interested in CPs but have never really gone for them, now we’ll see how I do with them. I have a Dionaea muscipula "1955", a Drosera capensis, a Drosera binata and two Pinguicula 'John Rizzi' and I'm pretty excited!
Other than those things I'm involved with horses, chinchillas, art, theater and I'm going to be majoring in being a 7th and 8th grade English teacher.
Finally I can't wait to learn more about these awesome things (CP's) so I'm going to stop ranting and go read some posts!