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Hello, glad to meet you!

Jul 12, 2015
Pilot Rock, OR
Hello everyone!!

I am excited to be here on TF! I have been growing CP's for a few years now and i am slowly getting better. I am always interested in new and better ways to grow plants. I have been starting off slowly and adding a few new plants each year. I have mostly outdoor plants, and I was very excited when they made them thru the first winter here in the pacific northwest.

I love all types of plants and my favorite things is watching my plants grow year after year.
I have recently gotten some nepenthes and i am very nervous about them. They are outside on the patio right now and doing really well, My first upper pitcher just opened this week.

I would really appreciate and advice on growin them, especially in the winter. I had a couple last year but they did not make it thru the winter. I think they did not get enough light, but im not sure.

I also would really like to learn and perhaps get some aquatic CPs, so any advice there would be awesome as well.

I am really glad to be on, but I am brand new to forums, so if im doing something wrong or could do it better, please let me know.

Nov 10, 2013
Hacienda Heights, CA USA
Welcome Flora! I don't have much experience with Nepenthes so I can't really speak to how to grow them well but if you are interested in growing aquatic carnivorous plants I would recommendstarting with Utricularia gibba. It is probably the easiest aquatic Utricularia species to grow. If you can keep it alive then you could try growing some suspended Utricularia like aurea or macrorhiza. You should look at the section for Utricularia on this forum. There is a lot of information there. Of course, you could also try growing Aldrovanda but cultivation of that genus is a bit more difficult than cultivation of Utricularia.

By the way, it is nice to see someone who is interested in Utricularia, and aquatic Utricularia at that!
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Feb 22, 2014
Welcome! It's always nice to see more people from the area joining in.

My advice for Nepenthes: Keep them next to a window indoors. I know some people like to keep them outdoors during the summer but transitioning plants between indoor and outdoor growing can be a difficult process. As long as you can get adequate light by a window (and luckily they don't need as much as your outdoor plants,) stable conditions will likely serve you better.


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Apr 27, 2008
:welcome: Flora

What types of Nepenthes do you currently grow? Good advice will be easier acquired with more information on your growing conditions.


Nov 4, 2009
Nashville, TN
Welcome to TF Flora! :welcome:

As mentioned before, the type of Nepenthes you have will make a lot of difference on the care they need.

Aquatic CPs are an interesting bunch. Like Tanukimo said, U. gibba is a good one to start with - it's grown pretty well for me despite having a dire track record with aquatic plants. :p
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