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help butterwort pest ?

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hi so I recently saw that my Mexican butterwort red leaf was becoming uprotted so I check and it lifted up by itself pretty easily but I was shocked I saw worms on the bottom of the leaves and on the roots they look gray worms with black insides help what is this ?
Fungus gnat larvae would be a pretty common type of wormy looking thing you might see especially if you are using a peaty medium.
remove the plant. dump the media, use less peat.
what other media could I use?
what other media could I use?

Mexican butterworts are not a fan of too much peat. I even recently had to repot my P. gigantea because even poorly washed inorganic media got too slimy with algae and was rotting some roots. I'd keep it in a heavy aggregate mix: 1:1 ratios of pumice/perlite, sand, lava rock, and vermiculite. Add a bit of lime if you want.
100% turface works and I've been told aquatic planting medium (API Pondcare brand) can be good too if turface is a pain to get a hold of, though haven't tried myself. Ben's mix is very nice but requires more individual components so turface is great for lazy bums like me.

you can use also a product against soil insects.

what specie this ping mexican red leaves ?