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Help! I have blisters on my nepenthes. Thank you!

Help! I have blisters on my chaniana. Thank you!

Hey guys;

This morning I noticed there are this weird bumps on my nepenthes. Can't scrape them off. I only found them on 3 of the 5 leaf. This chaniana sits in the middle of my other indoor plants. They sit in a rack under t5ho lights. I don't see the blisters on the chanian on its neighboring plants.

The temp in the room never gets higher than 80 or lower than 50. There's also a good amount of air circulation as the window's is open for half a day. Not sure what's going on but would appreciate your help.

Thank you

Underneath the leaf.

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Have you tried removing any of the bumps? The photos are awful so difficult to see anything meaningful on them. I'm wondering if it's scale.
Looking at the first picture, it almost looks like it has a lot of nectar glands
Those are nectar glands on that N. chaniana; like its close relative N. glandulifera, more mature N. chaniana have tons of glands, especially in the petioles, but unlike N. glandulifera, N. chaniana grows them in farther in maturity and they are pale (not dark as in N. glandulifera) in color.
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Thank you guys! esp for the explanation.