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Help, I think my Ping is dying

I got a Pinguicula Pirouette about 5 days ago. I put it in my viv and have been misting the surrounding rock every other day. I'm about to let it dry out. I want to know if its normal for some leaves to look almost like its been decayed a little like the leaf in the back(it just grew like a day or two ago). The rock its growing on is Dragon stone with the same sphagnum moss and perlite substrate that came with the plant, some stuffed into the holes under it. Theres a lamp right above it, the humidity is at 76%, and the temperature is 65°Fh. Does it look to be dying. Should I do something. This is my first time growing any sort of carnivorous plant.
Any photos? Also; the media typically isn’t necessary on the rocks. I grow several pings on pumice alone :)

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I just added them to the thread

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I see a fairly healthy plant that just needs time to grow, less sphagnum (most Mexican pings are mineral growers; as SirKristoff noted if it wicks up water a medium isn't generally needed on a planting stone -but if it doesn't then filling the spaces with perlite or sand is better- and when potted they grow best in something like a sand/perlite/Turface mix with maybe a little peat), and less water on the leaves. Keep the stone moist, but don't spray the leaves as this will be the best encourager of rot in a Mexican ping.
Also, unless the plant starts entering winter phase, keep it damp. They will tell you when they want seasons to change, don't force it.
Does not appear to be dying but I would be concerned about that stone holding proper moisture on its own - however I am not overly familiar with “dragon stone”

I prefer good ol pumice personally.

Give the plant some time - try not to mist the plant itself as much. Pings are ok to dry out for a bit as well - they really don’t mind so long as you don’t go too long, but that’s all variable depending on ones conditions. I try not to let mine stay wet for long - I allow my pots and rocks to dry out good for a few days before filling my trays again.

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for instant your plant is OK

the only problem seems to me the capillarity (the continuity of the supply of the roots in water),this rock does not seem porous.

So why not ensure continuity of your sphagnum from the soil to your plant

attention, as HCARLTON say to excessive moisture, high risk of rot
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