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HELP Is my collection dying? Diagnosis needed

So many changes happening in my little garden and i'm a bit concerned. thanks for the input.

This Sarracenia has weird bumps on them


I am assuming this are from the sun? But i just want to be sure

And this is just from the digesting of the insects?

What are this white powder-ish looking thing?



I assume this red are just part of the coloring? I thought hurrican creek is all white?

This droseras leaf are really deforming..... The weather lately has been okay and they sat out in 90 degree summer last season no problem too...



Can't really tell. First photo could be scale insects. Do a search engine on "scale insects" and see if that's what they are.

3rd photo - are the shriveled pitchers this year's pitchers or last years?

S. 'Hurricane Creek White' is not anthocyanin free so wounds or tissue damage show as red "bruises". Could be a fungal infection or chemical burn.

Check - distilled, rain, or Reverse Osmosis filtered water - where to you get your water? Do you test it with a TDS or pH meter?
Check - substrate - peat moss and perlite free of fertilizer like Miracle-Gro?

Check - chemical usage - are you foliar feeding with a liquid fertilizer? Have you sprayed the plants with a fungicide or pesticide? Is any one using any or all of the above in the yard or neighboring yards? Is the city or county spraying pesticides at night to control pests?
I buy distilled water from this place. so it's checked with TDS meter for sure.

yup, peat moss and perlite free of fertilizer as well.
I use the Black Gold brand for both perlite and peat moss.

I don't use any foilar feeding
Yes the city sprays pesticides control at night.

I've only used pesticide on a few plants.
The growing media looks too dry in the last couple pictures. My drosera looked like that when I let humidity drop too much once.
Doesn't Black Gold add fertilizer to their peat? I vaguely recall a nursery here checked with the company (I think it was Black Gold) and they did.
Black Gold Peat Moss Plus has a wetting agent. Black Gold Peat Moss is straight peat moss. Many CP growers will swear by the Black Gold peat moss.

Check with the city or county and find out what pesticide they are spraying with. Malathion is a common chemical used for area spraying over communities. You can ask Peter D'Amato about chemical burn from Malathion. He no longer recommends using this pesticide on CPs.
Surely they don't routinely spray Malathion in the Bay Area? I was a kid when they sprayed for the Mediterranean fruit fly (when Jerry Brown was first Governor) and I remember the incredible hype and controversy surrounding it. In the form sprayed, I also remember lines of helicopters that made the house shake worse than any earthquake, a sickly sweet smell of the sprayed droplets containing the stuff, and warnings to wash one's car afterwards. I can't imagine even local spraying that would enter one's yard significantly without one's knowledge. People would be outraged. Many people pride themselves on their organic gardens.

I can't imagine this factors into the equation at all, but we've had bizarre weather lately. Not much rain (normal this time of the year) but temperatures have consistently been 10 degrees below normal all of May.