Help Needed Badly (newbe)

Simple. Place in a tray of DISTILLED water or RAIN water. Give it direct sunlight. Keep fairly warm 20ºC to 27ºC is good but they can easily take a little bit lower or higher.
I wouldn't feed it any bugs and NEVER give it plant food.


Just for reaffirmation purposes...

Tristan is right.

That is all you need. These aren't really hard plants to keep. It is just the 'little things' that people think that they can skip on. The wrong water will kill your plant fast. Not giving it a lot of light will cause mold ( since it always has to be wet ).

So really....lots of light and the right water ( distilled, rain, OR from a reverse osmosis filter )


drinking water, tap water, mineral water, purified water, evian...

You are in the UK....check out this link:

That should help you out a little bit more.



Keep us up to speed about your plant(s)
Hey!!! Welcome to PFT!!! I'm pretty much a newbie too and started where you did but I've found that it is increadibly easy to take care of VFTs and that they are so much fun to own! Good Luck (not that you'll need it but just thought I would say it anyway!)

- Brett
Hi Benji1hart,
I also live in the UK and VFT are easy in our climate. Firstly, do you have a greenhouse? If so, keep it there all year and the plant will benefit from a cold winter to get it into dormancy. Sunny spot and the watering advice you already have! Do not worry about snow,frosts or anything like that in winter, I live in the Midlands and have over 400 VFT of all types in an unheated greenhouse without one loss.
If you have a sunny window sill only, then I would suggest the following, put the plant into a cool place or even buy a propagator tray and lid (like a "mini greenhouse", available from B&Q, Do-it-all etc) and put it outside in a sheltered sunny spot. That works too.

Enjoy your adventure with CP
Hi Tom, Hi Alvin,
I only list the Sarracenias in the grow list, because that is what I specialise in, but of course in the collection there is quite a wide variety of Pinguicula, Drosera, also Cephalotus, Darlingtonia and even 3 Nepenthes in the en suite shower room of my house, and a single Byblis Gigantea!

Alvin, there all green, SW giant, allred forms such as Akai Ryu, royal red and Clayton's volcanic red, a very large trap form with 3cm plus traps that grows in a neat rosette. Some verticle forms, the list seems endless!

I would like to invite you guys over here if would like to come

My collection is built on 23 years of obsession (well CPs are the most wonderful plants and hobby to have!) and affording the plants was to persuade my wife to be at the time was to buy a house with the best garden for raising CP in and we found one within our price range 4 years ago. The rest is time and investment!

Alvin, do you have the 'Green Dragon' in your collection?
Hi Tom,
The Southwest giant produces traps longer than 30mm, I will measure them this Summer.

I do have a larger trapped clone mentioned earlier...