Help! wanna buy a plant!



I would like to know how big the plants are that are sold on this website. I purchased a Venus Fly Trap off e-bay thinking it would be fairly big and to my surprise it was about the size of a Valve Steam on a car tire! The pot was about twice the size of a quarter across the top. Now I have to nurse the thing till it actually matures for the next 5 years! Anyway I want a fairly large plant. Any help is apricaited! Thanks a lot guys.

vft guy in SJ

VFT and Drosera lover
Hi Matt.. Welcome to the forums...

The VFts sold here start off sorta smallish, but if given proper care will get to a very good size in notime. Here are some pics of mine to give you an idea.

Green dragon the way it came from PFT. (2 plants in 1 pot)

Green Dragon after seperating into 3 plants (coin is a U.S. dime)

13 months later

Hope this helps,
Good luck