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Help! why did one of my regia died?

Jul 12, 2014
Bay Area, CA, USDA 9B
I'm not sure why the big one died while the little one is still alive?

Could it be a lack of food? I notice they catch some insects but not a lot. They have to compete amongst flytraps, sarracenias, and other drosera for food.


May 13, 2014
South Africa
Looks similar to when my almost died :-(

I believe mine was getting to much heat on the roots, was in a plastic pot standing in a tray of water in the sun. It is now in a glazed ceramic with live sphagnum on top and I opted for top watering instead of having it sit in a tray of water, it is still standing in the sun but it is growing normally now.

I have also been told by a very experienced grower in my area that Regia needs lots of food, either diluted fertilizer or other means of feeding. My smaller plants always tend to die off because I don't feed them enough.
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Jun 24, 2012
Mansfield UK
Not a lot to go on with this.

Can they sit in water trays? They certainly can.
Do they have to be fed a lot regularly? Not in my experience.

Has it overheated and decided to go dormant? That is a possibility but the centre of the crown doesn't look too good and I don't think that will form a resting bud so it would have to recover from the roots..

If it was mine I'd be tempted to unpot it and take root cuttings. The crown, with shortened roots, can always be repotted ( away from the other one).