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help with h. pulchella

Ive had a h. pulchella now for about 2 months and its been doing great up until a couple days ago.. Im keeping it in my hl chamber with my 2 other helis. a minor and a teite. those are growing fine but the pulchella seems to be taking a turn for the worse... i currently have it in a plastic bag to hope and revive whatever might be there. I have it potted in a nep mix of perlite, lfs, pumic/lava rock and cypress bark. i was watering it with the tray method but have since taken it out of the tray since i will be uping my watering scheduals for the hl chamber. my day temp are 80 - 82 and nights drop from 58-60. the humidity lingers around 70 during the day with a slight increase of 72 - 75 at night. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. since this was my first heli and after bringing it back from death once from it being shipped here I was proud of myself.. Trying not to kill my pride and my h.pulchella.
82 is pretty warm for helis, while they can and do survive in it.... the failure rate will rise rather significantly

If it was me... and without being able to see the plant/roots/ etc

I would repot with some "new" mix, check for bugs
Treat with trichoderma atrovirde (dust root with flowable powder if possible)
reduce temps and keep bagged until new growth was observec
basically follow the sticky on caring for new heli divisions with the addition of inspection

k butch will do.

just threw together what will hopefully be a decent little heli chamber... Right now humidity is 86percent and climbing and the temp is 70 and holding strong. i repotted all the heli and dusted all their roots in trich. hope this works out. Ill try to get pics up in alittle bit.. my phones acting weird
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