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help with venus fly trap sort of confused here

Mar 26, 2009
Great Britain
Hello i am wondering if someone may help me to i am a bit confused to what is happening here i have never seen this ever and i mean ever i have had lots of venus fly trap seeds in the picture you will see venus fly trap growing i am not worried about them this is not what this post is about my problem is today i got more seeds of the venus fly try kind so i thought it would be a great idea to add them to the pot with my already growing venus fly traps as i entered the new seeds as you can see the seeds turned white i have never seen this before usually the seed stays black till it has hatch even if it had got wet any ideas


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Aug 22, 2006
Your pic isn't clear enough for me to see what is going on. Really, the one green thing in the pic isn't clear enough for me to confirm it is a VFT. The seeds shouldn't be turning white. Assuming they are what they are supposed to be, VFT seeds, might they be growing mold?

Edit: sorry, I didn't notice the date of the opening post until after I replied so I guess whatever happened, it happened, and you probably don't have any questions now.
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