I just got a quick question, can the VFT eat lady bugs without any harm, cause I have a over load lady bugs in my room, and I was wondering if my VFT can help me out with this problem. Thanks alot for your Help.
I usually stay away from hard shelled insects for my vft`s, and like cephalotus88 said, lady bugs are good insects for aphid control,also if you`re room is full of lady bugs I think you need more than a vft! Good Luck, Peace, John


Isn't that bad luck to kill lady bugs?

I know that lady bugs will only be around where there is food. So if you have a lady bug might have lady bug food around

I wouldn't feed lady bugs to your plant becuse they are benifical bugs. They help out with other things ( like John and cephaltous said ).

Do you have other plants in your house/room?

I would check them out to make sure that you don't have any bugs on them.


Don't do it!!

Seriously if you don't care that ladybugs are beneficial and are still tempted to feed them to your plant you should be warned that they will rot the trap that you feed it to. Mine have have done it over and over when I wasn't looking. I'll look in the trap once it is all black and wonder where in the heck the darn lady bug came from.
I honestly don't even think there was a growth spurt after they were eaten.
Que sera, sera. If a lady bug happens, BY CHANCE, to find it's way to a hungry trap it was meant to be. I wouldn't consciously catch and feed though. It always makes me feel good to see a lady bug.