I got my venus flytrap for my birthday I was SO excited, i've always wanted one.. well i didn't investigate too much before i brought him home and I thought that he needed a new container and soil (repotting)  Now HE'S TURNING BLACK!! I want to save it if there is any way.. i'm making sure it has lots of light now.. and the ground is moist.. what else can I do?
here is some question and answers which might help you out:

1)what did you repot it in? (A:equal mix of sand and peat or peat/perlite)

2)what kinda water u usin' (A.distilled or boiled, or rain)

3)how much light its gettin? (A.3 hours direct seems ok)

4)Where is it turning black? (A. the leaves like the traps is ok, if its from the base...oh oh)

5)how do u water it? (place it in a dish of distilled water)

I need to noe ur growing conditions for more help. Good luck-Zach
about the it ok to boil tap water or filtered water from tap... and then give it to the vtf's? or should i just stick with distilled water from kroger and rainwater?
Sorry, but boiling water will not get rid of any of the minerals or salts. If you think about it, when water rises out of the oceans to form clouds all the salt and muck is left in the sea and it's a similar thing. You could condense and collect the steam but it might take you a while!
So yep, only rain or distilled will do.

nepenthes gracilis

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And for people with large collections( like myself) go with a RO unit that produces RO water. So your three basic choices are Distilled,Rain,Or RO water.
RO= reverse osmosis, it's a way to purify water. It's fairly good, and alot more cost effective than installing a filtration system in your home.

nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
CP2k where did you get a deionizer unit? I was lokking into one of those but never found one so i went RO. I probably will get into a much better RO unit or de-ion unit as I will be needing quite abit of water to run my new greenhouse when I get it up.