Hey everyone!

Hi all. I just got my webcam back so i figured i'd show ya some pics of my first VFT. I think its still young, but you tell me! Also, how healthly does it look? It didnt come from any kind of garden store, thats for sure!

VFT Pics
Well, its only my second day with it. And thats how it looked when i first got it. I had it in a saucer of water for the past few days. I've been using spring water..which is a no no, so tonight im getting distilled water. Hopefully that will perk it up a bit.
Good idea.

I'm not sure where you got it, but it may not have been in the best shape when you did purchase it.

I'd give it a couple weeks to perk up.
It's actually not bad for being shipped. It will perk up in no time, probably with the next set of traps it will really look nice. Good luck!

Thanks everyone! I really want mine to grow into somthing nice like all the other's i've seen. Any other tips you guys may be able to give? I've read all the basic's i think. Just wondering.  
Ohh yes, good lighting does the trick all right. Your plant has quite large traps. I thing you will be seein larger ones the coming summer.